Attic Insulation

You could be losing 25% of your homes heat through the roof.

Loft insulation traps heat into your home like a blanket. If your loft has not been insulated in the last 15 years it will most likely have far less than the current government minimum standard of 270mm (11") and requires topping up. Act now while a government grant is still available to every home in Ireland..

Our dust free pink loftwool is made from user-friendly non-irritant, non-itch material that is free from floating fibres or dust and so avoids skin irritation and respiratory problems normally associated with other forms of insulation like fibreglass.

It will not deteriorate over time and will not be affected by water, mould, mildew or rot. It is also resistant to vermin and insect attack. Loftwool insulation is totally safe, clean and easy to install with no protective clothing required and it ensures a safe indoor air quality. It is a direct equivalent to glass fibre, but is totally recyclable and uses recycled plastic bottles in its production.

It provides good acoustic properties to help keep your home or commercial environment quiet and free from noise pollution. It has long term stability and is durable for 50 years plus!

Over the past 50 years the amount of insulation required in lofts has gradually increased as energy prices have risen. Current building regulations recommend a minimum depth of 270mm. It has been widely recognised that thicker insulation brings significant improvements to the energy efficiency of homes and the greater the thickness of insulation, the greater the energy and cost savings.

At Arva Insulation we can arange to deliver and install your loft insulation along with carrying out further insulation to your water tanks, pipes and trapdoor. We can also provide insulated storage areas and walkways where necessary.

As an alternative we can supply our dustfree loftroll on a cash and carry basis for DIY installation please contact us with your measurements for a free no obligation quotation

Pink Dust Free Loftroll

Pink Dust Free Loftroll

U-Value: 0.13W/m2K
thickness: 300mm
Energy Rating: A Rated
SEAI Approved
Direct Equivalent to Glass Wool
85% Recycled
Pink Dust Free Loftroll
Pink Dust Free Loftroll
Pink Dust Free Loftroll